Augmentative Communication Trainings

We can provide a variety of Augmentative  Communication Trainings. Below are a few examples of trainings we will do.


  • Introduction to Augmentative Communication – Have you wondered what augmentative communication is, how it could help your students, or how to make an aug. com. referral?  This training explains the basics of augmentative communication, its uses, and implementation in the classroom.  Options from low tech to high tech will be discussed, including how to determine which approaches would be appropriate for different students.  The referral process and how to access the help you need will also be reviewed.  Time needed: 4 hours (a shorter, less detailed version of this training could be given upon request)


  • Implementation of Low Tech Aug. Com. in the Classroom – This workshop will discuss ways to implement a variety of activities including switches, 1-message and sequenced-message devices, and simple cause/effect equipment.  We will give ideas to include all of the non-verbal students in your classroom. Time Needed: 2 hours


  • Use of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) – PECS is an initial language-training program that is used to teach communication skills rapidly to those with limited functional speech.  It promotes communication in a social context that the user initiates, beginning with requesting desired objects and activities.  This training will cover the 6 basic phases of PECS, as well as how to distinguish it from other picture-based systems. Time Needed:4 hours


  • Introduction to PODD – Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display communication books are comprehensive, multipage books which were designed over the course of many years by Gayle Porter in Melbourne, Australia, to be used receptively and expressively in natural daily contexts.  This training includes important information about augmentative communication in general, a variety of ways to use the PODD books, and information on choosing the appropriate book for each student. Time Needed: 2 hours


  • Implementation of PODD in the Classroom – This training is a followup to the above training, going into more detail on how to use the PODD books in the classroom.  Tips on use and customization will be shared, including hands-on practice navigating through a variety of PODD books. Time Needed: 2 hours


  • Partner Assisted Scanning – Learn about and practice using the PODD books designed specifically for non-verbal children with severe orthopedic impairments. Time Needed:2 hours


  • Specific Augmentative Communication Application (i.e proloquo2go) and Implementation in the Classroom– Learn how to use the specific communication application and ways to effectively implement it in the classroom setting. Time Needed: 2 Hours


  • Shared Literacy using Augmentative Communication (High Tech and Low Tech)– Learn about the Shared Literacy project and how to use Shared Literacy to increase engagement with books and communicative attempts. Time Needed: 2-3 Hours