Motor Aspects of Writing

This is not an exhaustive list of devices and software. Items listed below are either currently in use or have been used in the past by students in our region.

Portable Word Processors:

  • AlphaSmart Neo
  • The Forte
  • Netbooks

Laptops with Specialized Software:

  • Word Prediction – CoWriter
  • Speech-to-Text Software – Dragon for PC, Mac
  • Classroom Suite
  • Clicker 6

iPad/Android Tablets

  • Word Prediction – TypO App
  • Speech-to-Text – iPad 3, Android, Dragon Dictation App
  • Abilipad

Alternate Computer Access

  • Accessibility Features in Mac, PC
  • Alternate Keyboards – Big Keys, FrogPad, Intellikeys, ClickNType, Keystrokes, Clicker 6
  • Switch Access -SwitchXS
  • Alternate Mice – Headmouse (SmartNav, Headmouse Extreme), Eye Gaze, mouth joystick (Jouse 2), Rollerballs, joysticks,