Google Chrome Accessibility

Available at the Google Chrome Store

read write for google

Read and Write for Google  by Texthelp – FREE version reads Google Docs aloud.

*if it’s a Google Doc, and you can highlight the words, this will work for you. Full paid version will also read pdfs, highlight and translate within your document as well as provide word prediction for writing tasks.

 Ginger Ginger for Gmail – online spell and grammar check for Gmail only. FREE
 select and speak Select and Speak –by  iSpeech – highlight and read any page that has selectable text. Use this for Khan Academy, or other non-flash based websites. FREE

*If it’s on the web,and  if you can highlight text with your cursor, this extension will work for you.

 readability Readability – simplifies web pages for easier reading.  FREE
 google dictionary Google Dictionary – highlight words within web pages for definition. FREE
 bookshare Bookshare Web Reader – opens and reads Bookshare Books. Requires Bookshare Individual membership.
 appwriter Appwriter Cloud– highlights and reads text and provides writing support with word prediction and phonetic spelling support. FREE 30 day trial. $20 purchase.
 TLDR TLDR – “Too long; didn’t read”. Autosummarizes web pages for easier reading. Choice of size of the summarization. FREE
 Speech Recognition Online Speech Recognition Online – dictates text into fillable boxes on websites. FREE
natural reader  Natural Reader Text to Speech – Allows you to listen to PDFs, eBooks, and Web Pages with natural sounding voices.
 select and speak Chrome Vox – screen reader. Reads aloud Menu items as well as body of text. Made for those with visual impairments, but useful for others too. FREE

Updated Blogs Links:  Blog for new Chrome Accessibility Apps User Group for Google Apps and Extensions  Indicates if/how Google Chrome can support struggling learners