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The  AT Resource Center was created in 2002 as a means of consolidating resources in our region to better serve all of our students who require Assistive Technology. Participating programs and districts have access to equipment for trial and long term provision as well as for services required to select, acquire, use and maintain the equipment.THE HDESD AT Resource Center serves the following school districts and programs

School Districts:

Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Jefferson County, Culver, Crook County, Fossil, Spray, Harney County


High Desert ESD Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education

North Central ESD Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education



As a Special Consideration, IEP teams are required to consider whether Assistive Technology devices and services are needed for a  student to access their education (FAPE).  This requires discussion about specific tasks that a student has difficulty with.  Almost always there is an IEP goal that reflects students difficulties.

The following resources may help in making AT decisions.  The SETT process allows teams to make decisions based on four categories; Student need, Environment, Tasks, and Tools to trial. Determining AT needs is a dynamic on going process as children mature and needs change, skills improve or set backs occur.

SETT Form 1

SETT Form 2

HDESD Consideration Flowchart – This flowchart illustrates High Desert Education Service District’s role in assisting the process of consideration, trial and implementation of Assistive Technology.

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