Clicker 6

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Clicker 6 by Cricksoftware

Clicker 6 is a child-friendly writing tool which helps students of all abilities to develop literacy skills.  To learn more about Clicker 6, please visit their website at:

For an overview of Clicker 6, please click on the links below:

1.  Introduction

2.  Quick Start

3.  Writing into a document

4.  Click and Edit

5.  Quick Wizards


6.  Learning Grids

7.  User Preferences

8.  Contact Details


Webinars for Clicker 6 can be found at:


Clicker 6, 90 Second Tutorials:

Clicker 6 Guide and the Common Core State Standards


Clicker6-Transparent 700x700

Clicker 6 and the Common Core State Standards: