Bookshare on PC and Mac Computers

mac and pc


Bookshare can be used with Read:OutLoud or other third-party software.  Read:OutLoud, from Don Johnston Inc., can be downloaded for free with a Bookshare membership at:  Free Readers for Bookshare Members.



  • Read2Go is a free download from Bookshare
  • Many choices of third-party software such as Premier Tools, Read and Write Gold, WYNN, Kurzweil 3000, etc.
  • The software has more features to assist in comprehension and studying than mobile apps

  • Book management is more difficult between computers
  • Software must be downloaded on each computer student is using
  • Not as mobile



Quick Sheets:

ReadOutLoud Bookshare Edition

Download and save Bookshare books as Word Docs

Bookshare to mp3 player (non iDevice)

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